SERGAN has a breadth and wealth of knowledge and experience in managing industrial and commercial  undertakings, from start-up activity to fully operational companies, including commercial real estate.

Apart from financial alternative investment instruments we will advise you on direct investments into tangible assets like ongoing business concerns (private equity), venture  capital funds and high-tech companies, commercial real estate, precious metals, art and antiques,  fine wines, and even private jets regarded as investments, intangible assets, like venture capital investments into ideas and patents.
We can also assist you in negotiating terms of purchase of real assets which are not classical investments but which are booked on the corporate balance sheets, such as private jets, helicopters, yachts etc. These acquisitions under certain circumstances could become real investments, since in the market upturns the prices of certain top models such as Falcon 7X or 8X tend to keep stable rather than depreciate like for luxury cars.