A large group of assets and investment opportunities, which can also be considered “alternative”, are direct investments into businesses, acquisition of companies, investments into venture capital funds with high level of involvement of investors, and purchase of commercial real estate with secure yield.

Our services and advice in business acquisition and planning include

1. Due diligence of private equity and venture capital projects, working alongside acknowledged experts in the field and reputable investment companies and partnerships.

2. Preparation of business plans for complex projects and their analysis (both in business projects and private equity / direct commercial investments, and in private investments into real estate, restaurants, and luxury goods like private jets, yachts, etc).

3. Establishing new business activities or investing into existing ones.

When it comes to direct investments, through our extensive and extended professional network we can scout for you for specific investments ranging from few hundred thousand to several hundred million euros. We could do it on a retainer basis or a specific deal search mandate with the commission locked, and we can also perform due diligence on the property, project or company.

Considering investments into business concerns we prefer to limit the geographical area to Switzerland, France, Italy, Austria, and UK, even though we can introduce you to private equity and venture capital firms operating throughout the US, South America, and other European countries as well.