Commercial real estate investment into prime location properties or even distressed properties can be a valuable source of secure income and return, as on the global scale prime real estate locations very rarely loose their value, if not due to natural disasters or acts of war. We obviously try to avoid regions with such risks.

Differently from investment into Real Estate Investment Funds, where the ownership is just but of shares in the fund and not of the property itself or part of it, we can assist you in direct purchase of properties or make an investment in real estate development opportunities that cover the entire risk spectrum of real estate from core to opportunistic. We are often approached with, and we can scout specifically for you, direct off-market investment proposals and deals. If necessary we are able to organize or syndicate a complete purchase by a number of clients or through co-financing with an external entity, bank or fund.

Commercial real estate has the advantage of being valued differently from residential and often a downturn in residential market does not necessarily mean the same trend in commercial properties. Moreover, the produced income is more directly related to the usable area, and the lease or rental terms tend to be longer. Big multi-unit apartment buildings managed as whole, especially with shared facilities, are considered as commercial.

An important point is that commercial real estate very often can be financed on favorable terms by loans and mortgage solutions by local and international banks.

We can scout for you international commercial real estate investment opportunities in Switzerland, UK, Southern Europe (mainly Italy, Spain and Portugal), Dubai, and major South East Asian tourist destinations (Thailand, Maldives, Seychelles).

SERGAN can provide assistance in purchase, restructuring and management of real estate investment solutions.

SERGAN is not a real estate agent, however, through our excellent network of realtors we can guide you to exclusive and quite often off-market deals, excellent opportunities, and development projects.

We work in the interests of our clients, and are not affiliated with or linked to any specific agency, which we would favour over others. We can therefore give you access to more market opportunities, and our fees and commissions are totally transparent.